My aim was to control and manipulate the audience with this work:

“Exhibition officers” were stationed at each entrance to the Substation. Additional “officers” were strategically placed outside the space to direct and divide people into the substation by gender. The men were directed to the top smaller room and the women to the bottom larger room. They were then directed to controlled areas where they waited in queues.

A dress code was enforced for the women. They had to wait in a queue. At the end of their queue, if they had not adhered to the dress code, the women were given a white dress to wear. They were then directed to the side of the room to stand in a line (firing squad style). Images, depicting “beautiful” women, supermodels, and actresses, as well as videos of previous performances dealing with the revealing of women’s bodies, were projected onto the white-clad women. Hence the audience performed the work.

The men each received a bottle with a dice in it. They used this to play snakes and ladders. They did not have to wait their turn for a dice (as they each had their own), they could cheat and walk across the game without playing to get across. Once they reached the end of the game, they were directed to a small booth from where they could watch what the women were doing.

solo exhibition 2011

photographs by Mark Straw, Dirk Chalmers and Gina Kraft