operation refuse relocation


During a municipal street cleaners’ strike, Storm Makings and I cleaned the filthy Twist street (used by many minibus taxis as a pick up/drop off point) outside the Drill Hall. We swept, wiped and collected all the rubbish on the street, and put it in bags to transport to the Johannesburg City Hall, on President street. As we finished laying all the relocated refuse on the step outside the side entrance to the City Hall, a policeman pulled us into the building to arrest us for littering. We explained that we were not littering, but relocating refuse from the filthy Drill Hall area to the spotless City Hall as a protest about the on-going inequality of the different spaces and how they are cared for. Although there was a municipal strike, the area outside the City Hall was clean. It was obvious that we were not randomly littering, as we had put our collected refuse in a neat rectangle at the entrance steps.

Collaboration with Storm Makings