I experiment with the spectacle and impact my body can make on those around me through live and interactive performances. My work embodies action in confrontation of thoughts, practices and mores using my own body and interaction with others. It is mostly placed in the context of public spaces. My practice has been concerned with the female body and how it is perceived in different cultures. 

As a woman, I am aware of how I am looked at, and the pressure felt by women to look and behave in certain ways. This varies from culture to culture. I have looked at the differences and similarities evident in different cultures and experimented with combining these differences in performances to create contrasts to comment on the various types of oppression women deal with on a daily basis. I have worn different garments to experience for myself people’s responses to me in those clothes, and how women might feel wearing them, and incorporated this into performances. This has progressed into addressing societal behaviours in and towards women. I am currently developing work that addresses the power structures involved in rituals and how they have affected gender politics throughout history as well as in contemporary societies and cultures.