Exhibit 1 was performed at the Sasol New Signatures Art Award in 2006. It won second place. The artist stands, dressed in a white dress, headscarf and niqab (veil). An image of the artist’s rotating, naked body is projected onto the white clothing. The artist rotates with the image. This rotating image is reminiscent of a specimen in a museum, rather than a sexual display. It speaks of the objectification of women’s bodies in different cultures and the feeling of being on display that most women feel in their daily lives. To conceal or reveal one’s body, especially as a women, is a debatable question. In Islamic culture, it is abhorrent for a woman to reveal her body in public. In “Western” culture, it is the norm to reveal a large amount of the body. There is pressure for this revealed body, however, to adhere to certain standards, explicitly illustrated on billboards, magazines, television, film and almost any other visual media. Both ideals are forms of control of women’s freedom and individuality.